I have trained in many methods to support others to advance their personal growth through art, coaching and movement such as Creative Journal Expressive Arts, Medical Cardiac Yoga, Voice Dialogue and Heal Your Life training based on the philosophies of Louise Hay.

I’ve been waiting for bioenergetic healing to go viral all of my life. Having worked with people in the wellness paradigm for 35 years I am ready for this next big step in wellness – the NES Total WellNES System.

When I created Inner Oracle Wellness Inc. in 1996, I did so believing strongly that all of the answers to the purpose of our lives lie within us. The human body field is the energetic structural support for that knowing – your Inner Oracle!


Now, finally working my passion as a Certified NES Health Practitioner I offer you NES energetic technology and remedies with all the wellness skills that have coalesced in my life. My intent is to work with people who wish to seek a deeply meaningful and rewarding life, no matter what their current circumstances are, by looking within. That is always where your answers are.



The NES Total WellNES system is an incredible therapy to help you to energize your health – MIND, BODY and SOUL. You will be fascinated by your body field and what it is saying. Let’s get together and unflinchingly look within and support your body field to shimmer with vitality!