A revealing whole-being scan to assess your body and body-field and identify the distortions in energy and information flow.

NES ProVision Advanced Analysis Software is a comprehensive health assessment tool that probes the human body-field to identify the bio-energetic and bio-informational distortions that may underlie physical and emotional issues. By simply placing your hand on a scanning device, in moments the software returns more than 150 results about your body and body-field in anatomically-correct and extremely detailed graphical representations that include:

  • Major organs and organ systems
  • Environmental influences, such as toxins and electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Nutritional influences
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Emotions, including trauma and shock
  • Body-field structures

NES ProVision allows your qualified NES Practitioner to see beyond your symptoms to clearly distinguish the source distortions across your entire body-field and address them specifically.
The scan advises your NES Practitioner on the correct NES miHealth therapy functions to rejuvenate your energy flows; the correct NES Infoceuticals to re-imprint the information in your body-field; and the recommended NEStrition imprinted food supplements that can help rebuild your physiology and restore your body’s own self-healing capacities.

During your visit, your qualified Practitioner can explain the scan results in easy-to-understand language and answer any questions you may have.