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By July 24, 2014Services
When we release the past with love a whole new lifes opens up before us.

Imagine that within you is a new world… a world of possibilities if you chose to dare to rethink something, or everything.

Let me assist you to access what I call your “inneroracle” (your inner wisdom) to guide you to the life you long for right where you are today.

I believe that we have choices in the midst of even the most stressful situations. These choices can be used to help us to rethink, act on and experience something life giving. I also know that loving ourselves can open the floodgates of healing to meet us where we are today and bring us peace, hope and joy.

For that reason, I chose to train two bodymind techniques in bodymind wellness that may assist you to be guided by your own inneroracle (innerwisdom). The first is Visioning® which is a silent guided collage process preceded by movement.

The second is Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life workshops. I am certified to facilitate these powerful workshops both privately and in groups. They assist you to discover the power of forgiveness and love, and to see their effect on your wellness today.

Do you think that your thoughts affect your health? Let me know and look out for these powerful workshops this fall.

Bobbi, Inner Oracle Wellness

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